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Queen of the Cities (2003) 

Queen of the Cities is a love story that passes in two times; 1453 and 1955.


In "Queen of the Cities", a Greek woman (Katina) and a Turkish man's (Bedri) roads cross in İstanbul in 1955. When the political conflicts between Turkey and Greece leads the society into the "September 6-7", an ancient manuscript takes Katina and Bedri towards to the history where Ottomans besieged the Eastern Roman capital; Constantinopolis. 


The manuscript belongs to a Turkish girl named Esma who lives in Constantinopolis under the siege. She writes the siege as well as her love to the Eastern Roman Commander Captain Alexios Rangabe Kantakuzenos.  Extraordinarily, Esma defenses Constantinopolis instead of leaving it and joining the Ottoman army.


Page by page in "Queen of the Cities", Katina and Bedri awaken that they live a life coming from the history. And the only witness is the city İstanbul where the love has never been lost.